Real Estate

The purchase or sale of residential real estate is typically one of the most important life decisions made by an individual or family. Real Estate transactions require coordination between buyers and sellers, real estate agents, loan officers, attorneys and the title company examiners and closers. The guidance of an experienced real estate attorney provides comfort and certainty to an unfamiliar process.

It is our goal at LBPC to handle this process as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you are purchasing a single family residence, townhome, condominium or co-op we can provide the assistance you need to reach the closing table.

Our firm is also experienced with the lease, purchase and sale of commercial and investment properties. Under the umbrella of our real estate services, individuals and businesses can receive guidance regarding closings, inspections, escrow agreements, repair agreements, leases, possession agreements and any and all required transfer documents. We also communicate with lenders to monitor the status of your loan application.

Our firm is also affiliated with Professional National Title Network with whom we work closely to procure and review the title insurance commitment and clear any and all objections, liens and encumbrances.

Schedule a consultation with an LBPC real estate lawyer to learn about our real estate-related services.